Julika Lackner

2015-2019 Linear Landscapes -  Paintings

I've been working on the "Linear Landscapes" for the past few years. They came out of an amalgamation of several bodies of work: my earlier landscapes together with my Color Bands. I had been working on the Color Bands, which were abstractions, distillations of the colors of a specific place in nature, such as the geysers of Yellowstone and the forests of Mississippi, and started reintroducing landscape elements, like mountains and seaside cliffs back into  into them. Some of the paintings have a first layer of silver leaf upon which the paint is applied, some have silver paint integrated in the color bands, which add a reflective element that shines from within the work. "Dunes" is a good example where the sky has silver leaf underneath the paint, and the ocean has silver paint bands. There is a subtle difference to their effects. 


2015-2018- Linear Landscapes - Works on Paper (Watercolor and Gouache)