Julika Lackner

2009: Transcendental Representations: The Faculty Club, Univ. of Calif. Santa Barbara 

Julika Lackner's exhibition of paintings, Transcendental Representation, displays the territory of that which is beyond experience yet knowable and that which is invisible yet visible.  The aerial view is beyond experience in that it is a geographical space that we cannot inhabit as opposed to the landscape space that we do inhabit; however, the aerial view has become commonplace by way of air travel and photography, so it is knowable but often taken for granted as a mere reference to the place that we actually inhabit.  In these paintings, the topography seen through the clouds fleshes out the invisible yet visible aspect of air. Painting the palpability of air is the core issue of Julika Lackner's paintings.  First, it was in the form of artificial light reflected in the night sky, then through clouds, and now the main focus is the city seen from above. The night sky, the fog, and clouds are the phenomena that give visual substance to the air we cannot see.  The Los Angeles landscape acts as the schema for her paintings as it is the foundation for these various phenomena. Thus, Julika Lackner's paintings articulate the dynamic relationship between the atmospheric and geographic elements vying for the viewer's attention.