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My Process: from Photo to Painting, Land Sea Sky

My processJulika LacknerComment

This is a peak behind the curtain of my process: I go into nature and take photos and color notes on site, then go back to the studio and often times will make a watercolor painting/study first and then a painting from that. Some stay fairly realistic to the original, some get more abstract in color and shapes. This one is of the Big Sur.

the inspiration photo: 

the watercolor: "Land, Sea, Sky (Big Sur #5), 2015, watercolor and gouache on paper, 22.5" x 13"

the painting: "Land Sea Sky (Big Sur #5)" 2015, Acrylic and Silver on Canvas, 36"x48": 

British Art from Whistler to World War II at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art

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There is an exhibition at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art up right now that works in tandem with the "London Calling" British Art Exhibition at the Getty Museum (on view until Nov 13, 2016). The Santa Barbara show focuses on British art from Whistler to WWII, which is exactly where the Getty show takes off. It's well worth the visit. 

Edward Wadsworth, "Riponello, a Village in Lemnos, 1917, Woodcut in three colors

Sir Stanley Spencer, "Oxfordshire Landscape" 1939, Oil on Panel